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New IIBA certification

The rumors are true.  The IIBA has a new certification. I first heard about the new certification on a LinkedIn BA group, from a comment by Richard Larsen. For context, […]

Aquarium in hiatus

As a result of recent events, I had to shut down my beloved 5ft Discus Aquarium.  It may be gone for now, but it will return in the future. As […]

Seven photos, all B&W, in seven days

I always love a challenge.  When it involves taking a photo, I’m up for it… Last year, my friend Cathie Formica tagged me in a Facebook challenge.  Normally, I wouldn’t […]

The Business Analysis Mentor

When you get the opportunity to grow, take it. And, I did. Early last year, the IIBA Melbourne Chapter advertised their new BA Mentoring Program, seeking both mentors and mentees.  As […]

A man, rebooted

So, it’s been a while between posts.  Fair to say that a lot has happened in that time.  Felt like I needed a reboot. What’s happened to me?  Here’s a […]

One legged man, plus nine weeks

Nine weeks down and my Leg is still in the Zimmer boot.  But, progress has been made.  Didn’t say it was going to be quick. Nine weeks down, what’s changed? […]

Photography primer - Part II

In part one of my photography primer, I gave you a small taste of my past. Part two continues the journey. My Kit As a child of the analog age, I […]

One-Legged Man, plus four Weeks

Well, that felt like a long four weeks with one working Leg. As you might haver read, I had a small accident.  The net result; a busted Knee and a […]